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Level 1 Camp
As of 2022, because of changes brought about through Covid, our Level 1 camp for the first time will run in October, from Fri 21 st – Sun 23 rd October 2022.  In the future it will be on this same weekend, which always works out to be the weekend before the long Melbourne Cup weekend in Oct/Nov. The main emphasis in this camp is to bring the kids to a recognition that they are special and uniquely gifted, to help them take pride in their accomplishments, and to encourage them to attempt new tasks and challenges.  This is all done in an atmosphere of having fun, because although these are undoubtedly all big and serious areas for any child,  it has been our experience  they definitely can be tackled, but must be done so  in a fun-loving way, which kids absolutely love ( and so do we)!

Level 2 Camp
The Level 2 camp will now be held in early in the new school year soon after school resumes, which will put the next Level 2 at Fri 10th- Sun 12th February 2023. On this camp, goal setting, understanding and learning about affirming ourselves and one another and handling positive and negative emotions are the main areas of focus.

Level 3 Camp
The Level 3 camp will now be held in May, usually the weekend after the Mothers’ Day weekend. In 2023 as a once off it will be held a week later than that, from Fri 26 th to Sun 28 th May 2023, but in 2024 and onwards it will resume to be the weekend after Mothers’ Day. On this camp, they are taught something of what leadership is about from a spiritual and physical aspect, how leadership can be taken on and responsibility and offering of assistance to others is connected to this. The concept and power of forgiveness is also further developed.

Level 4
From 2023, Level 4 will run in February and May, alongside Level 2 and Level 3 campers.   Children 12 years and over who have done the 3 levels, are invited to take part in Level 4, with the aim of working
alongside Buddy Leaders on the camp, seeking to assist them with their group and to learn from them in a practical way what leadership is about and how to be good role models to the other campers.  They also have 3 sessions of their own during the camp with a Level 4 leader, who takes them through major themes on what leadership is about and how they can be best helping their Buddy Leaders in their particular camp.

October Helpers
From 2023, children who have completed  their 3 Levels and who would like to help a leader in that camp are invited to attend. Their main role is to help campers feel at ease and feel at home in their new setting, and by meeting someone who has done all the levels and is closer to the campers’ ages, it has been found they can be very helpful in settling these newcomers  into this their first camp.  Although they are helpers in this camp, they don’t have sessions of their own, and still have to wait till they are 12 to become Level 4 helpers.

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